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Our Parents

Parent Council’s were created in Scotland to ‘involve parents and the community more fully in the running of schools’. All parents are members of the Parent Forum. Every school can have a Council and here at Bracoden Primary our Council consists of:

Chair Person

  • Gemma McKay

Vice Chair 

  • Anne Whitelaw
  • Grace Reid


  • Julie McLean


  • Katie Watt

School Rep

  • Stephen Buwert


  • Rachael Harper
  • Lisa Wyness
  • Esther Ironside
  • Rachel Watt
  • Ana Valeros
  • Anne Hughes
  • Vicky Hewett
  • Sam Hewett
  • Jen Shaw
  • Alana Cardno

The Parent Council may co-opt up to 3 members to assist it with carrying out its functions. Co-opted members will be invited to serve for a period of 2 years after which time the parent council will review and consider requirements for co-opted membership.

Our Head Teacher attends meetings as a professional adviser.

We try to keep an overview of all activities going on at the school. Amongst the duties we’ve been given is to encourage contact between parents, the school and the community. We hope parents will contact the head teacher and ourselves if they have a view to express or ideas which can help improve the running of the school.